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Ending Summer with a Splash!

The Benefits of Play

dogs playing in poolIt’s the end of August which has one thing on our mind, The Minnesota State Fair! While you’re busy eating roasted corn and mini donuts, how about some summer fun for your dog? Keeping your dog mentally and physically challenged is vital to his health. We know that Playdays are some of the best forms of exercise because they relieve stress and boredom through exercise and mental activity, increase confidence and agility, and provide the opportunity to learn social skills from other dogs. We’ve also been pulling out the pools for one of our favorite summer pass times, Pool Days! Held on Tuesdays in August, there’s still time to give Fido one last dip before we pack them away for summer. Or stay dry at our regularly scheduled Playdays and still have plenty of fun!

There are also ways you and your dog can have fun at home without being loud, rowdy or needing much space. The key is balancing physical activity with mental and it just takes a little creativity. Spend some time teaching your dog tricks, basic obedience commands or even play games! The more you can do to bring out their instinctual nature, the happier they will be – so think of things that use their nose.

Here’s a game that the whole family can enjoy, Hide and Seek! This game is great for indoors and out, but we especially love it on rainy afternoons when walks are out of the question. Take some treats or your dog’s favorite toy, have them sit in a different room (enlist a helper if your dog needs help staying) while you go hide! Call your dog when you’re ready and enthusiastically reward him when he finds you. Take turns with other friends or family members and you’ll be amazed by how much fun everyone has, especially your pooch!

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