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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Letters for Our Dogs

Dear Wagging Tails Dogs,

Valentine’s Day is this Thursday and, while we love candy and flowers, nothing compares with the unconditional love you bring our lives on a daily basis.

We know that we can learn a lot from you, but sometimes we get swept away with being human and forget to find time to play, celebrate, and live in the moment. So, in honor Valentine’s Day, we decided to write you a very special letter to show how much we love you. But can one message really capture all of the things we love about each and every one of you? No way! That’s why we decided that, instead of a single message, our whole team would spend the entire week writing you love letters!

Each day this week on Facebook, we’ll be posting photos and love letters to as many of you, our Wagging Tails dogs, as possible. To help us celebrate, we’ll be asking your humans to share their own love letters to you as well. These messages can be long, short, funny, or bittersweet – whatever it takes to give us a glimpse of how they feel about having you in their life. Because really, everything in life is better when it comes covered in dog hair.


The Wagging Tails Pet Resort Team

“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love unconditionally as a dog.”
– M.K. Clinton

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