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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Bruiser, Rosie, and Charlie!

Why have one Tail Wagger when you can have an adorable trio?

Bruiser, Rosie, and Charlie the Havapoos are siblings who have been coming to WTPR for most of their lives. For littermates Bruiser and Rosie, that means five years. For Charlie, it’s closer to three.

They love their visits to The Resort so they can socialize with other dogs. But they honestly seem to love the time they spend with staff most of all.

Owners Kevra and Eric have so many great stories about their little threesome, who always compete for who gets Mom’s or Dad’s lap.

“Charlie’s youthfulness is her winning trait!” They told us. “She happily plays by herself, chasing her own tail, biting her own leg, throwing toys, and pushing her bone across the floor.”

With antics like those, we can see how Charlie constantly makes them laugh! But she’s not the only one.

Big brother Bruiser wants to be “first” at everything, whether it’s getting cuddles or snacks. He’s also the obedient one in the bunch and likes to act as the girls’ protector.

Rosie insists on being carried on her daily walks. However, she’s also patient and an excellent hunter – who is terrified of loud traffic noises and thunder.

Of the three, Charlie is the most playful and keeps the entire household young. She’s also shy around new people and loves snacking on earplugs at bedtime.

While they’re all unique, they do share one habit: They watch TV and bark like crazy at ALL the animals on the screen, even cartoon dogs!

But what’s the best part about having Bruiser, Rosie, and Charlie in your lives?

“We absolutely adore them and treat them like our children,” Kevra and Eric said, “and they seem to know how special they are to us and understand the place they have in our hearts.

“They each have their own song and tons of nicknames. ‘Rosie Pat, the Hat,’ ‘Bruiser Patrick, the Puppy with the Hatrick,’ ‘Charlie Dale, the Puppy with the Little Wagging Tail!’ or ‘Rosie Posie,’ ‘Bruiser McPatrickton,’ ‘Charlie McDalerton.’ Collectively, we call them ‘The Guys.’ These are only a couple examples,” they added with a smile.

Congratulations, Bruiser, Rosie, and Charlie!

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