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Doggie Dinner Dates?

  • Heidi

Like most Minnesotans, the beautiful summer weather has us enjoying as much time outdoors as possible. What makes that time even better is having our dogs with us, so we bring them with whenever we can.

That got us thinking. We know you spend time walking, running, and playing at the dog park, but do you ever take your dog along to dinner? We loved the idea and learned that Sidewalk Dog has a directory of dog-friendly restaurants in the Twin Cities and their handy listing makes it easy to find the perfect location to take your best friend! Search the featured businesses by rating, name, recently added or reviewed, or just click on the map to see what’s near you – it doesn’t get much easier.

So whether you’re going out for a quick dinner or having a leisurely cup of iced coffee, take a look at the look at the directory and bring your favorite companion. They might even have a treat for him too!

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