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Obedience Academy

Everyone loves a good dog. At Wagging Tails Pet Resort we promote good behavior through positive reinforcement, repetition, and a focus on skills building. We offer training programs from puppy through adulthood and our flexible training options will fit perfectly into your schedule. Please call 651-483-DOGS (3647) to enroll.

Benefits of training

  • Builds trust and strengthens the bond between you and your dog
  • Promote good behavior through positive reinforcement and repetition
  • Develops focus and attention
  • Emphasis on having fun while learning
  • Easy to continue skills building at home


Classes are not available at this time.

May I take a tour of your facilities?

Yes! We invite you to tour our resorts from 9-11 am and 1-3 pm.

What vaccinations are required to attend the Obedience Academy?

We require all dogs be current on Bordatella, Rabies and Distemper/Parvo (D/H/L/P) vaccines.

What type of training classes do you offer?

Wagging Tails Pet Resort offers a variety of training programs to meet your dog at their training level. We recommend starting puppies when they are young with socialization and develop a good foundation of manners.

Then our training curriculum progresses through foundation training and skill-building, to developing additional behaviors and increased concentration and focus. All of our training programs focus on rewarding good behaviors and positive reinforcement.

The Obedience Academy at Wagging Tails Pet Resort offers:

  • Puppy Training Programs
  • Obedience Training Programs
  • Group Classes
  • Individualized Training
  • Situational Training

My dog is shy and fearful, can your training help my dog?

Yes, we start by developing and nurturing a trustful relationship with your dog, our trainers and you. We show him that there is nothing to fear. By developing his confidence, we can start to reinforce his positive behaviors. Through this caring reinforcement and repetition, his confidence will grow and fear will diminish. Our approach of clear, non-confrontational obedience training and positive repetitive reinforcement is the best way to help dogs gain skills, manners and confidence.

Is my dog too old to train?

Absolutely not – old dogs can learn new tricks! Sometimes, mature dogs are easier to train because they have less energy than they were as a puppy and have better attention to focus. We use positive reinforcement and repetition to teach your dog the appropriate manners and behaviors. Your dog will gain confidence and joy while building their skills.

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