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Overnights Schedule

A day in the life of a Wagging Tails Pet Resort guest.

6 am

A new day begins! Your dog’s favorite Play Coach takes him out for a potty break, and then to his playgroup for the morning social hour. It’s going to be another fun day with all his friends at Wagging Tails Pet Resort.

7 am

Breakfast is served back in your dog’s private suite, accompanied by soothing music to ensure a peaceful mealtime.

8 am – 9 am

A new playday begins! Fellow guests and new friends fill the play areas for all-day play.

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

LUNCH AND NAPS. (Upon Request)
Upon request, your dog will be escorted to a private suite for lunchtime snacks and hydration, followed by a peaceful afternoon nap accompanied by a relaxing soundtrack. Puppies, senior dogs and dog’s with extended overnight stays will also have some extra rest during nap time as well. It’s the perfect quiet time to recharge and recover.

3:00 pm

Your best pal will be escorted to a private suite for dinner, followed by a well-deserved nap. Staff keeps a watchful eye to ensure he’s eating well, rehydrating and napping comfortably.

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

More play time! Guests return to the play areas for evening playtime and the last potty break of the night. Guest suites are prepared for the night with fresh water and bedtime snacks.

8 pm

Your dog will be personally tucked-in to a private suite, where he’ll enjoy a bedtime treat. Soothing music continues through the night to ensure a restful night’s sleep.


Notes about Medications & Feeding:
Medications are administered as directed during meal times. If a guest in our care is not eating well, he will be added to our Special Feeding list. A Lead Play Coach will then sit with him during meal & naptimes to help encourage him to eat.

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