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Can my dog get sick going to Wagging Tails Pet Resort?

Just like humans, dogs can get sick sometimes. To keep your dog as healthy as possible during their visits, we have several strict policies in place. First, all guests must be up to date on their vaccinations, including Bordetella for kennel cough. But, like flu shots in humans, Bordetella isn’t 100% effective, so your dog could still get kennel cough if exposed. So, to reduce the risk of germ exposure, we have an extensive cleaning protocol in place. This involves disinfecting all playrooms daily, fully disinfecting suites between every guest, and thoroughly cleaning toys, food bowls, and water bowls after every use.

Each of our employees is also trained to recognize signs of sickness in dogs. If a dog in our care shows signs of illness, it’s our policy to separate them from our other guests and seek veterinary treatment immediately.

If you know your dog is sick, they should not come to Wagging Tails Pet Resort. And, if viruses or kennel cough are circulating, we alert all of our customers by email.

Your Dog’s Health: Kennel Cough

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