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January Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Maggie, Freckles, Willow, and Elwood!

Bloomington Tail Waggers

Maggie, Willow, and FrecklesOur Bloomington Tail Waggers are three peas in a pod: Maggie, Freckles, and Willow. These frisky siblings love going to Wagging Tails for regular Playdays and Overnight stays.

Stately and mature Maggie is the family’s security guard. This 10-year-old yellow lab keeps an eye on everything, and everyone, while setting a great example for the rest of her pack.

Ten-year-old Freckles, the resident cocker spaniel, is the Houdini of the household. Completely loyal to his family, Freckles has squeezed through a window opened 6 inches in order to join them outside!

Seven-year-old Willow adores her brother Freckles who helped her readjust to life after she was rescued from a puppy mill. Thanks to the devotion of her furry and human family, Willow has learned to trust and overwhelms everyone with her unconditional love.

The Bromschwig pack is rounded out with two feline siblings. Freckles does his part helping out by cleaning up the uneaten food in everyone’s dishes.

Eagan Tail Wagger

ElwoodA 3-year-old Fox Red, Elwood has been coming to Wagging Tails since 2016.

A funny dog who likes to talk when he really wants something, Elwood loves playing with his doggy friends during his visits, stealing toys, and begging the staff for treats.

Being the English type of Labrador Retriever, Elwood is a mellow boy for the most part. But, his owner Scott says that Elwood has an “on” switch, and he’s always ready for anything whether it’s a walk or some play time. Elwood loves to play hard and sleep harder; he can snore at times, and it always brings a smile to Scott’s face.

An active dog who’s playful and family-oriented, Elwood looks at you with his expressive eyes when you talk to him, and really seems to listen.

What’s the best part about Elwood? “He’s mine,” Scott told us. We agree!!

Congratulations to Maggie, Freckles, Willow, and Elwood!

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