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Keeping Your Dog Active in Winter

Our Favorite Winter Tips

Staying active in winter can be tricky, especially when you live in Minnesota. But there are ways to keep your dog happy and healthy, even when the bitter windchills blow. Get ready; we rounded up our favorite winter tips to keep you covered all season long.

Winter Weather Gear

Think you can’t get your dog to love wearing boots? Think again! In this post, we guide you through the process of introducing your dog to footwear so snow, ice, and salt will never slow them down again.

Providing Enrichment for Dogs in Winter

Too cold to play outside? Amp up the fun indoors instead! We cover all of our favorite ways to keep our dogs busy inside, from playful games to enrichment activities.

Does My Dog Need a Sweater?

The short answer? It depends! Your dog may not be able to tell you if they need to bundle up, but we’ve got guidelines that could help.

Winter Safety

Whether you love winter weather or hate it, it’s essential to keep your dog safe in cold conditions. This handy checklist has you covered.

Remember, if it’s too cold outside for people, it’s too cold for your dog. And, if you’re out after dark, don’t forget these safety tips!

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