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Puppy Pick-Me-Ups

  • Heidi

How to Make Your Dog Smile

dogHow many times in a day does your dog bring a smile to your face? Too many times to count? Anyone with a dog knows that these loving animals spend their lives trying to please us. In fact, dogs seem to reap infinite joy in making us happy and are experts at reading their humans for cues. Dogs often appear to be listening and watching us, waiting for a sign of what’s coming next – you can often see it firsthand when you speak and they tilt their head to listen. Some canine researchers suspect that adorable tilt is due to their unique hearing and vision; senses which help them better understand your mood and intent!

You’ve probably noticed that good moods are infectious, so why not return the favor? Here are just a few fun ways to make your dog smile.

  • Get down on all fours and chase your dog around like you’re a dog too, she’ll love having you on her level!
  • Don’t recycle that paper towel tube yet, use it to talk to your dog! Try talking into the tube using funny voices and saying funny things, you’ll have her smiling in no time.
  • Full moon on the horizon? Join your dog for a howling good time!
  • Make up a funny poem to read to your dog or better yet, sing them a song! The sound of your voice is music to their ears, especially when you’re happy.
  • Throw an impromptu dance party! Either do a funny dance for your pup or join her for a tango, no matter the routine, it’s bound to get her attention.

A dog’s impressive ability to empathize and read people is just one of the many reasons they make such perfect companions. Want to learn more about how your dog reads your signals? Here’s a great article with more information.

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