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Put Your Dog’s Nose to Work!

DIY Snuffle Mats

It’s a good time to be a dog parent – everywhere you look, there are fun and innovative ways to help your four-legged friend live their best life. And we’ve got good news for you. You can bring many of these exciting activities into your own home without breaking the bank. The perfect example is the snuffle mat.

If you’ve never heard of a snuffle mat, this pet accessory is a rug-like toy made of loose fabric for concealing tasty treats or dog food. This may not sound like much of a toy, but it’s actually a spectacular enrichment tool because it puts your dog’s nose to work, sniffing for hidden treasures – or their kibble!

Giving your dog a snuffle mat keeps your dog busy and engaged, and it also lets them tap into their natural hunting and foraging instincts. You can even use a snuffle mat as a slow feeder if your dog tends to eat too fast.

There are a lot of snuffle mats on the market, and they come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your dog. However, you can also make your own snuffle mat to your dog’s specifications. The best part? It’s fun, inexpensive, and doesn’t require any sewing skills!

This great video from The Animal Humane Society can help you get started:

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