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Smart Collars

  • Heidi

Gifts for You AND Your Dog

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Why not find the perfect gift that you and your dog can enjoy!

We’ve talked about gadgets before, but the options out there keep getting better and better. Whether you want a health tracker, GPS locator, or a little help with training, the world’s your oyster. Here are a few of our favorites that can make the holiday season bright for you and your dog.

Health Trackers

Does your dog have a couple pounds to lose? Are you worried about their licking or scratching? It’s time to try a health tracker. These smart gadgets vary from devices you clip on your dog’s existing collar to snazzy collars with built-in trackers. Two popular options include FitBark® and Whistle™.

Want to sync your FitBit activity with your dog? Then FitBark is the perfect fit for you – plus, it works without a monthly subscription. Are you looking for a simple user interface that breaks down your dog’s behaviors, like scratching, licking, and drinking? Whistle could be exactly what you’re looking for.

No matter which health tracker you choose, you can get up-to-date snapshots of your dog’s overall health, activity, and wellness.

GPS Trackers

Is your dog an escape artist? Curious about what they’re doing at doggy daycare? GPS trackers can bring peace of mind by letting you keep tabs on your dog’s whereabouts. You can also get a health tracker with GPS features!

Popular GPS tracking devices include:

  • FitBark
  • Whistle
  • Fi

It’s important to note that these devices often have shorter battery lives than plain health trackers, and they usually require a service plan.

Vibrating Collars

Do you have a dog who’s deaf or hard of hearing? It could be time to try a vibrating collar. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME AS SHOCK COLLARS. Instead, a vibrating collar uses a gentle vibration to get your dog’s attention in situations where they can’t see or hear you – think of it as having your cellphone set to vibrate. Then, once your dog looks at you, you can use hand signals to communicate requests.

Like all training aids, take time to introduce your dog to a vibrating collar so they become accustomed to the vibration. If they seem frightened or stressed out by the sensation, it may not be right for them. The goal of incorporating a vibrating collar into their life should be about improving communication, not delivering punishment.

If you’re looking for ways to stay connected with your dog, smart collars are the way to go this season – and there’s a perfect option for every lifestyle!

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