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Summer Dog Treat Recipes

  • Heidi

5 PAWSitively Tasty Treats!

Baby, it’s hot outside! While humans may like the heat, it can be hard on our furry friends. To help them beat the heat this summer, we searched the web for the tastiest treats. The best part? You get to stay cool too – these recipes are simple and require no time in the oven!

  1. dog eating a popsicleYogurt Pops. Yogurt is the creamy secret of this dog-friendly “ice cream.” Made with 4 simple ingredients and an ice cube tray, Fido will be begging for seconds.
  2. Meat Bites. Do you have a meat-lover on your hands? This recipe has you covered. Made with meat, yogurt, parsley, carrot and olive oil, these frozen treats are full of ingredients that freshen your pup’s breath and are great for digestion.
  3. PB&J Freezies. These treats are as pretty as they are tasty. When you give one to your pup, you can enjoy one too!
  4. Sweet Potato Bites. Need an even easier recipe? Just mix cooked sweet potato with peanut butter and freeze!
  5. Dogsicles. Do you have an energetic dog or a playful pack in your life? Ditch the single serve frozen treats for a big ice lick! Freezing chicken or beef broth in a large bucket that is filled with treats, veggies and toys will keep your pack cool for hours!

What are your favorite tricks to keeping your dog cool during the summer?

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