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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Aja

Four-year-old Aja has been part of our pack for the past two years. If there’s one thing this sweet Siberian Husky loves most about her visits, it’s the people – especially her bestie Alex! We have to agree with Aja’s owners, James and Callie. There’s no other dog quite like her! She also seems to know exactly how adorable she is and uses it to her advantage whenever possible.

When Aja isn’t people watching at Wagging Tails, you can always count on her for a cuddle, distraction, or laugh whenever you need it. She can also be equally chill and intense. In fact, squirrels better beware because she can sit in the backyard all day long – no matter the weather – until one is bold enough to enter her domain!

True to her Husky nature, Aja also decides when and if she’ll listen. She’ll even turn her head away when she’s intentionally ignoring James and Callie. She doesn’t fool them, though, because they can usually see her peeking at them out of the corner of her eye! And her opinionated nature doesn’t stop there either. When going through hydrotherapy after leg surgery, Aja refused to eat the diet treats. Instead, she’d drop them in the water and stare fixedly at the container where the yummy, freeze-dried liver treats were.

The good treats are only the beginning when it comes to Aja’s love of food. James and Callie say that Aja can hear a cheese wrapper open from a mile away, and she’s also a sucker for pizza crust and fast-food French fries. The moment she smells them, she’ll start drooling and gently remind you with a paw on your leg that she’s ready for her taste.

It’s hard to resist Aja’s sweet and playful disposition. She always seems up for a good time. But what’s the best part of having Aja in their lives? “Aja may be the furriest member of our family, but we couldn’t imagine our family without her,” James and Callie said. “She helps us make lots of wonderful memories!”

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