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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Max!

Max has been part of our pack since he was four months old. He’s eight now, and we adore our “high touch puppy” who’s always waiting for us to love him up with lots of pets during his visits.

This English Springer Spaniel may be a snuggle bug, but he’s also very athletic. One of his favorite things is playing fetch in an open field where he can run super fast. But what he loves most is being wherever his family is, whether it’s walking, sitting at their feet, or climbing onto their laps. As a puppy, Max would crawl into their laps for a snuggle when they were sitting “crisscross apple sauce.” That little puppy is 55 pounds now, but he’s still ready to play lapdog whenever he can!

Max may be a hunting dog that doesn’t hunt, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting his mad hunting skills to use. His owners Matt and Amanda told us he has a great sense of smell and happily dives in to trees or thickets to retrieve his prey – or, in his case, a ball. He also used to gather all of the pillows in the house and put them in front of the living room windows when left at home alone. Then he would wait for his family to return, surrounded by couch pillows, bed pillows, decorative pillows, you name it!

He may have outgrown moving all the pillows, but Max has become an emboldened counter surfer as he’s gotten older. Matt and Amanda tell us that he’s stolen everything from a tortilla and pizza to raw salmon in a matter of seconds.

But what’s the best part of having Max in their life? “Max is truly a member of the family. We love that he just wants to be with us wherever we go,” Amanda said. “Matt travels a lot for work (pre-COVID at least), and Max has been my companion, my guard dog, my safety net when I’ve been home alone. Max also knows when you’re feeling ill or anxious – and he seems to understand that he can bring you a sense of comfort. We like to say that Max has ‘curative puppy powers.’ We simply love him!!”

Congratulations, Max!

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