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Tail Wagger of the Month

Meet Katie!

Sweet Katie came all the way from Williston, North Dakota, before joining our pack in April 2021. When she’s not spending time with her friend Finnigan, you can usually find Katie running around while having a spurt of energy or relaxing on top of the climbing equipment. Of course, she also stays plenty busy during her visits getting extra attention from the WTPR staff.

When Katie isn’t at The Resort, this little two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier mix loves spending time with her owner, Val. Val says Katie is usually easygoing and loves attention, especially if it involves snuggling. In fact, Val told us that Katie loves to ask for pets by jumping onto your lap and putting her hind end in your face! Val also says that Katie’s approach works every time. At night, you can find Katie sleeping back-to-back with Val, or curled against the back of Val’s legs so she can keep track of her every minute.

Katie may be a snuggle bunny, but she can still get into trouble. Val wasn’t amused at the time, but she says she can laugh now. A friend and her dog Buddy were living with Val and Katie for a short time. Unfortunately, Val didn’t know that her friend hadn’t latched the front door tight when she left for work one morning. When a gust of wind suddenly blew the door open, Katie and Buddy seized the moment and bolted, dashing across the street to the vacant lot. It was 5 a.m. and pitch dark, so Val spent an hour trying to catch them. All the while, they stayed close together, partners in crime – just like the canine version of Bonnie and Clyde. Whenever Val got close, they’d run off and look back at her, and she was pretty sure they were laughing!

Fortunately, Val was finally able to catch Buddy when he answered the call of nature, and Katie while she was trying to get the neighbor dog to play while he was trying to do his business. Thank goodness for the power of pee-mail!

Katie obviously has an adventurous spirit, and she loves traveling with Katie and spending time on the road. Whenever they head out somewhere new, Katie lies in her carrier the whole time and then enjoys exploring once they arrive. Val says her favorite trip with Katie was the day they spent in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota exploring the walking paths and rock formations – she’s looking forward to many more trips with Katie in the future.

What’s the best part of having Katie in her life? “I have PTSD from events during my childhood,” Val told us. “Being responsible for Katie gives me a reason to take the focus off myself and concentrate on making sure she has the best life I can give her.”

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