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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Pimienta!

Sweet Pimienta has been part of the Wagging Tails pack for the past year. But she doesn’t come for the dogs; she comes for the humans!

During her visits, you can find 5-1/2-year-old Pimienta spending time with the staff, getting lots of pets, and heading out on Nature Walks.

Pimienta is a one-of-a-kind mix: 27% Border Collie, 15% White Swiss Shepherd, 15% Chow Chow, and the rest? Pure love.

Owners Luisa and Devin don’t know much about Pimienta’s first three years, but they can say she’s blossomed into a love bug in the time they’ve been together. She came from South Dakota in rough shape, physically and mentally. Not only did she have mange, broken teeth, a bad hip, and a frostbit ear, but she was also afraid of everything – even walking down the hall and shadows.

Over the past 2-1/2 years, Luisa and Devlin have watched Pimienta heal and gain confidence. Thanks to good medical care, training, and lots of love and patience, they saw her gentle and loving personality emerge. Now, she loves to chill in the sun, go on walks and hikes, and play Tug, as long as it’s nice and gentle for her teeth. She’s even a little smartie-pants who enjoys learning new tricks (and has already mastered 10!), and she’ll “talk” back when given the chance.

Luisa and Devin also told us that Pimienta has a ritual for scratching her face. Whenever she tackles this task, she scratches her face with her back leg, scratches her ear, and then stares at the scratching leg. Finally, she licks it. They say it’s always the same process, every single time. She also has another ritual they wish she’d break – her preference for puking on the carpet instead of the wood floor.

They also told us Pimienta LOVES treats, but not as much as her humans. In fact, Pimienta’s idea of the absolute best time is going on hikes with her humans. In those cases, treats don’t matter at all. However, from what they told us, Pimienta’s idea of the worst time is probably baths – and then there aren’t enough treats in the world! Luisa and Devin said that Pimienta can tell when bath time is coming, even if they haven’t gotten everything ready for her yet.

What’s the best part of having Pimienta in their lives? “She is very sweet when you give her the chance to get to know you,” Luisa and Devin said. “She is the perfect dog for a busy couple. She doesn’t destroy anything, is very obedient, likes to be active, and gives us infinite love.”

Congratulations, Pimienta!

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