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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Ruby!

Ruby the Miniature Pinscher has been part of our pack for seven years.

At eight years old, Ruby is mostly a solo artist when it comes to Dog Life. During her visits, you can often find her supervising the rest of the pack from the ramps. However, she still says “hi” to her friends from time to time, like her neighbor Roger the French Bulldog.

At home, Ruby is generally on full alert from morning until night. Her day often kicks into high gear when she hears the espresso machine fire up. That’s her cue to follow you wherever you go – but she’s not trying to steal your coffee. Instead, Ruby starts demanding some pets by pawing your face as soon as you sit down.

But the espresso machine isn’t the only thing that gets Ruby’s heart racing. She also loves empty yogurt containers and can hear one opening from anywhere in the house! Whenever you rip into a fresh container, she comes tearing into the room and waits until you empty it and hand it over.

Ruby’s owner, Kevin, also says that she loves being super hot – she was in the perfect place this summer then!

But what makes Ruby extra special? “She’s the perfect companion when you’re under the weather,” Kevin said, “lots of personality in a small package.”

Congratulations, Ruby!

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