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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Bramble!

Sweet Bramble just celebrated her 12th birthday with us in December – we can’t believe she’s been part of our pack since 2013!

This little Cairn Terrier loves getting tummy rubs and treats from her favorite two-legged friends during her visits, but she loves her four-legged friends too! In fact, it seems Bramble makes friends with everyone she meets, whether it’s Teddy the Welsh Terrier, Bob the Cockapoo, or the neighborhood mail carrier!

Bramble’s owner, Jan, told us the mail carrier always stops to talk with her and never comes without a treat to share. And, if they’re out walking when he is, Bramble follows him from house to house by the sounds of the mailboxes. If left to her own devices, she’d follow him on his entire route unless Jan picks her up first!

All in all, Bramble is very attuned to people. If anyone is talking, she wants to stay with them, even if they’re saying “Goodbye” to her. This keen attention extends to walks she takes with Jan and their friends. Once they reach someone’s home, Bramble stops and waits until they go inside before she will start walking again.

Jan also shared that Bramble is very sweet-natured, patient, and persistent but has those trademark terrier streaks of independence and stubbornness, too – characteristics we’ve noticed ourselves! These traits have helped her adapt to her blindness and remain her merry and self-confident self. Jan says that Bramble still wants to lead when they’re out walking. She also shared that people who see her are surprised to learn that she is totally blind.

Bramble also has silly quirks, like barking at leaves, rain, or snow that’s falling – but it doesn’t seem to be fear. Instead, Jan thinks Bramble is announcing something unusual is happening because she stops as soon as Jan acknowledges it.

But what’s the best part about having Bramble in her life?

“Bramble loves to go on walks, and we go out several times every day.” Jan said. “We meet people and make new friends, get those steps in, and she is noticed and petted…. Of the three cairn terriers I’ve owned, she is the sweetest and most people-oriented, though independent and not a lapdog.”

Congratulations, Bramble!

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