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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Bailey!

Bailey the Boxer Mix has been coming to WTPR since she moved to Minnesota with her owner, Bev, 1-1/2 years ago. This seven-year-old social butterfly loves to visit with her friends during her visits and makes sure everyone is having a good time. Bev calls her “the gatekeeper”!

Bev tells us that Bailey is a total momma’s girl. And don’t let her sad “Eeyore” expression fool you – this happy girl is always up for any adventure!

Bailey loves everyone and everything, from humans and felines to canines alike. And her patience and gentility know no bounds, whether a child is hanging all over her or her tiny Shih Tzu cousin wants to play – you can trust Bailey to enjoy the moment.

Bailey may be an easy-going social butterfly, but she also knows how to use her size to her advantage. That’s right!

Bev said that if you want this sweet mountain of a dog to move, you better have some food around, or she won’t budge. Bev learned this the hard way when they went on a sightseeing bus, and Bailey laid down in the aisle, refusing to move so other people could pass!

Fortunately, another rider had a cracker on hand, and Bev enticed 100-pound Bailey to move. Bailey can also go through a bully stick in five minutes flat.

But what’s the best part about having Bailey in her life?

“She doesn’t care what she/we are doing as long as we are together. Really the same as owning any dog,” Bev said. “They make your life whole; they give you purpose, motivation, and unconditional love.”

Congratulations, Bailey!

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