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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Lola!

Our June Tail Wagger packs a lot of personality into a pint-sized body.

Lola the Shih Tzu may weigh nine pounds, but this seven-year-old is the reigning queen of “The Littles” at WTPR.

When Lola started coming for Playdays at three months of age, you could often spot her running with her Littles posse in The Lounge. Now, she enjoys keeping watch over her kingdom from the play bridge instead of mingling with the masses. After all, when you’re queen, who has time for common doggy behaviors like sniffing?

In fact, Lola has taken her habit of surveying her surroundings on the road. Her owner, Anne, told us that when Lola’s at the cabin, you can often find her lying on the sofa table like she’s one of the knickknacks!

There’s a lot to love about Lola, but one thing Anne finds extra special is her predictability.

“Lola likes to go for walks but getting her into her harness can be a challenge,” Anne said. “She seems to play a game by running towards the door and then running away.”

Once coaxed into her harness, Lola is all about getting out to check the neighborhood pee-mail. But the “game” begins again when they get home! Instead of crowding the door to get back inside, Lola waits on the driveway until the door opens. Then she zooooooooooms into the house – but she does come back for her treat.

Anne also said that Lola loves to sleep with her – the closer, the better – to keep her safe. And she’s always following her mum around, even poking her head into the bathroom, to keep an eye on things.

When all is well indoors, Lola turns her attention to the neighborhood, watching through the front door from a loveseat and sounding the alarm about potential threats.

But don’t worry; Lola makes time for fun and games, too. Anne said Lola often gets the zoomies while playing with her tennis ball! But if her beloved toy rolls under any furniture, this little queen bee will politely request her minions to retrieve it for her.

What’s the best part of having Lola in your life? “Lola is very loyal and happiest hangin’ out with Mom,” Anne said.

Congratulations, Lola!

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