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Tail Wagger of the Month

  • Heidi


Our May Tail Wagger of the Month holds a very special place in our hearts; even dearer now because we unexpectedly lost him last week.

Fred Tail Wagger of the MonthFred was a regular fixture at Wagging Tails for 3-1/2 years where he loved to spend time lounging in the pool, getting tummy rubs, having his chin scratched, and playing with his four-legged friends. Everything Fred did was funny. He loved stealing napkins and tissues when you weren’t watching, he loved twirling in circles when he was happy, and, if space permitted, he loved running in joyful circles. He always looked like he was smiling and was so full of charm.

This handsome Bichon Frise was utterly devoted to his human mom and dad, Mindy and Bob. They always knew they were safe with Fred by their side. He was especially vigilant in drive-thrus and fiercely protected them from dangerous clerks who appeared at the car window with suspicious bags that Fred did not trust.

Fred was also a strict task master and would push his human mom’s laptop lid with his nose to tell her when the work day was done. Mindy told us, “He’s the perfect man. He’s loyal, he’s attentive, and he worships me.”

7-1/2-year-old Fred filled our hearts with love and our days with laughter during each of his visits. We are so saddened by his passing; he has left his tiny paw prints all over our hearts.

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