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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Shambles and Izzy!

Bloomington Tail Wagger of the Month

ShamblesOur Bloomington location’s Tail Wagger of the Month is 98-pound lapdog Shambles!

Calm, but full of energy, Shambles’ owners Dan and Hanna say that she’s stubborn, easily excitable, extremely loving, and always happy and friendly. We couldn’t agree more! This sociable bloodhound has been spreading her joy through the Wagging Tails pack – human and canine! – for a year now.

The affectionate 2-year-old has several quirky habits that add to her charm. She loves chewing on wool socks, holding rocks in her mouth, and trying to join in when humans are hugging. But most of all, she loves getting helped into her human’s bed and making herself comfortable after a long day!

What makes this dog extra special? “Slobber,” Dan and Hanna told us, “[And she’s] unbelievably loving and comforting, she loves to cuddle.”

Eagan Tail Wagger of the Month

Jasper and IzzyIn Eagan, our Tail Wagger Izzy had been coming to Wagging Tails with her doggy sibling Jasper for approximately two years. The 9-year-old brindle box used to love following 8-year-old Jasper around the playroom during their doggy daycare visits. Izzy also loved bugging Jasper when he played Frisbee by trying to take it away from him. The best of buddies, their owner Rick says they were two peas in a pod.

Izzy has always been able to make the humans around her laugh, a quality that is even more important after losing Jasper. During the summer months, she likes to ride on skateboards by placing her front legs on the board while pushing herself around with her hind legs. In the winter, she trades her skateboard in for a sled!

This sweet girl is a very affectionate and gentle dog who loves people and is great with kids, but she has moments when she’s not on her best behavior. If given the opportunity, she likes to get in the trash, and Rick tells us that things can get “real ugly” if she does.

What’s the best part of having Izzy in his life? “Izzy has always been special to me mainly because she loves to cuddle, but also she makes me laugh,” Rick told us. “She is even more special to me now since we lost Jasper.”

Congratulations Shambles and Izzy!

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