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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Luna and Miles!

Bloomington Tail Wagger

Luna Tail Wagger of the Month May

Luna is a 7-year-old Labrador retriever mix who’s originally from Wapello, Iowa. She’s been enjoying walks and pool time at Wagging Tails for the past year and a half.

This playful girl really loves tennis balls. Her owner Cathy once had a bag of tennis balls in the car. Even though the windows were rolled up and Luna hadn’t seen Cathy put them there, this smart girl somehow knew the tennis balls were inside. When Cathy finally let her in the car, Luna grabbed the bag and ran inside the house where she promptly released the balls all over the living room! Luna is now busy learning scent recognition, so she can put her excellent hunting skills and sense of smell to work.

What’s the best part of having this snuggly, focused, playful, and confident dog in her life? “Luna definitely has her own personality and has lots of interests!” Cathy told us. “The best part of owning her is she keeps me company and keeps me active every day.”

Eagan Tail Wagger

Six-year-old Miles has been coming to Wagging Tails since 2012. During his visits, Miles loves spending time with his Play Coaches, enjoying peanut butter Kongs at lunchtime, and frolicking in the pool during the summer.

This Labrador retriever mix is not only high energy, loving, and protective, he’s also intelligent and bilingual – his owner Sam tells us Miles is fluent in English and Chinese!

When Miles isn’t at Wagging Tails, he loves romping around the yard with his neighborhood best-friends, Sadie who’s a black Lab and Walter who’s a white lab. When the three of them run together, Sam calls them Team Oreo because Sadie and Miles run with Walter in the middle like the creamy filling.

This charming pup is incredibly loving. If Sam asks him for a hug, Miles will come over and lower his head for immediate affection. Miles also adds a nudge or two for extra pets and a back massage.
What’s the best part of having such a special dog in their lives? “He makes us smile and happy!” Sam told us.

Congratulations, Luna and Miles!

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