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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Rusty and Babe!

Bloomington Tail Wagger


Rusty July Tail Wagger 2018The owners of our Bloomington Tail Wagger affectionately refer to Rusty as a “hypoallergenic designer mutt.” Rusty is an Australian Labradoodle, or a Labrador, poodle, American cocker, and Irish water spaniel all rolled into one sweet boy.

Rusty became a part of Terry’s family when their house started getting too quiet after their middle child went off to college. They tell us that their daughter still hasn’t forgiven them for not getting a dog sooner!

When Rusty isn’t enjoying long walks, he’s a fearless protector who has saved his family from nefarious mail carriers and UPS drivers on multiple occasions. After a long day, he likes to settle down to play with his favorite stuffed cat that’s been resewn a dozen times.

During Rusty’s visits at Wagging Tails, this shy boy enjoys watching the dogs romp while enjoying the personal love and attention he gets from all the staff.

Eagan Tail Wagger

Babe July Tail Wagger 2018Babe has been coming to our Eagan location for nearly two years.

This nine-year-old Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Babe wasn’t sure about coming to Wagging Tails at first, but now Babe is one of the happiest members of our pack. Whenever she comes to visit, she loves playing ball, going on nature walks, and spending time with her human best friends. But, once the day is done, she’s happiest to see her owner Mary and runs to greet her like it’s been years.

Mary tells us that this energetic girl loves to chase squirrels and bunnies on their farm in South Dakota. She can also jump like a deer. When she’s not busy playing outside, Babe likes to put her herding instincts to work and tries to keep all of her people in the same place.

Babe has a sweet disposition, but she doesn’t like the groomer one bit — not matter where Mary takes her. To make up for that (and her barking), Babe offers a charming head-tilt when you talk to her, and she “shakes” and “high fives” for treats. Mary says that Babe is also wonderful with the elderly and had a special bond with her mother.

What’s the best part of having Babe in her life? “Babe makes me laugh every day, which I need,” Mary tells us. “She lost her ‘PaPa’ almost four years ago, but she’s kept his personality – fun, loving, and energetic.”

Congratulations Rusty and Babe!

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