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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Addie and Lola!

Bloomington Tail Waggers


Our Bloomington Tail Wagger is an Australian Shepherd and poodle mix named Addie who’s been coming to Wagging Tails for the past two years. During her visits, Addie loves getting attention from the Play Coaches and exploring behind the front desk.

Addie is an affectionate and playful girl who loves wrestling with her 16-year-old orange tabby cat sibling and young, playful male dogs. Her owner Elisabeth tells us that Addie thinks the crazier the playmate, the better!

This friendly girl is very protective of her house and sounds the alarm whenever anyone or anything walks by. But, when Addie encounters the same interlopers while out on a walk, she’s thrilled to meet them. Addie also makes her family laugh every day. They say she’s especially funny when they’re at the cabin over the summer. She loves it when they beach their boat on an island so she can jump out and zoom around at full speed until she’s completely exhausted.

We asked Elisabeth if Addie had any habits that added to her charm. She said, “She likes to jump on a freshly made bed and pull all the blankets and sheets into a pile and make a little nest for herself. Cute, but a little naughty!”

Eagan Tail Waggers

LolaPint-sized Lola is a two-year-old Shi Tzu who has been coming to our Eagan location since she was five months old. When Lola comes to play, she enjoys spending time with her best friends Luna, Rosie, and Libby. Her owner Anne tells us that Lola also loves spending time with her cousins, Coco and Lottie. They’re both Shi Tzus, and Lottie is a part of our Bloomington Wagging Tails pack!

As much as Lola likes spending time with her friends, however, she prefers playing with her toys by herself. Anne says that if you try to join in the fun, she stops playing!

Lola has the sweetest personality. When she greets people, she loves to charm them by standing on her back legs and waving her front paws at them. Lola’s also a very good listener who looks you straight in the eye and tilts her head, pays careful attention to every word you say. Another quirky habit that Lola has is being afraid of suitcases!

What’s the best part of having Lola and her life? “Lola loves me to death and follows me everywhere!!!” Anne told us.

Congratulations Addie and Lola!

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