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Tail Waggers of the Month

Meet Ziva & Jake Oliver!

Bloomington Tail Wagger

Ziva has been coming to our Bloomington location since July of 2018. This nearly three-year-old Alaskan Malamute is a nature lover at heart who loves spending as much time outdoors as possible.

When Ziva comes to Wagging Tails, she loves Pool Days best. But she’ll take water any way she can get it – including sitting outside in the rain and snow! Her owners, Frank and Pat, tell us that Ziva has her own lawn chair, and she spends 12 months out of the year sitting on it. After a long day outside, Ziva also helps Frank and Pat know it’s time bedtime by putting herself in her crate.

This special girl gets along with everyone she meets – animals and humans alike. Ziva has even encountered an opossum on several occasions and just sat, watching and watching and watching, as it wandered around!

Congratulations, Ziva!

Eagan Tail Wagger

When Steve and Shelley adopted their greyhound mix, they had no idea Jake Oliver would decide their daughter Cass was his mama. Now nine-month-old Jake splits his time between Eagan, MN, and Park River, ND. He really enjoys the car ride in between too!

Jake came from an abandoned litter known as the “Happy Campers.” Life may have started out ruff for these pups, but they all found forever homes and have nothing but love to share these days. While Jake is thriving and is usually the chillest dog ever, he is deathly afraid of almost all floors – including tile, cement, hardwood, and carpet! It’s hard, but Jake is working really hard to overcome this fear.

When Jake comes to WTPR, he loves making lots of friends, playing in the snow during his one-on-one time, and getting lots of attention from our team. At home, Jake takes his role in his family very seriously and can’t start his day until he takes a lap around the house to check on each of his humans.

What’s the best part of having Jake in their lives? “When we come through the door, we are consistently greeted with a wagging tail, hugs, and kisses,” Steve and Shelley told us.

Congratulations Jake!

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