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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Nova, Nitro, and Joey!

Bloomington Tail Waggers

Nova and Nitro have been coming to our Bloomington location for a little over a year. These Siberian Husky siblings love roughhousing the Husky way – with themselves and others!

Owners Jen and Mike told us these fur babies have very different personalities. At four years old, Nova is more like a cat. She loves being in the same room as you, but not necessarily next to you. Meanwhile, two-year-old Nitro has no concept of personal space and loves getting in your face.

Nova and Nitro do have two things in common. They live to take food from their brother Soren, and they won’t hesitate to dig a fresh hole in the yard. Their sweet doggy eyes may not show it, but these crafty and devious pups have made sure the entire yard is safe from landmines by thoroughly landscaping every inch.

Eagan Tail Wagger

In Eagan, three-year-old Joey has also been part of our pack for over a year. This sweet Border Collie came from Texas as a rescue after the 2017 hurricane. During his visits at WTPR, he loves prancing around the staff, barking at other dogs, and running back and forth. But one of his favorite things ever is when Santa Paws comes to visit!

Owners Kassie and Kris told us that Joey has always been pretty easy-going for a Border Collie. He loves playing with his own toys and ripping apart boxes to keep his teeth fresh and clean. He’s also always up for a good nap and giving you his paw to hold while you tell him a story or talk about your day.

Joey also has a few charming quirks. First, he refuses to eat a bone or treat in one piece. Instead, he’ll walk around and hide it, whining until you break it into two pieces – no matter how big or small it is. He also learned to ring a bell to go outside. However, in his new house, the bell is farther away, so he rings it and then prances over to Kassie or Kris to make sure they heard it.

What’s the best part of having Joey in their lives? “How sweet he is and how much he loves us,” Kassie and Kris said.

Congratulations, Nova, Nitro, and Joey!

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