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Tail Waggers of the Month

Meet Gaffney and Rooney!

We’re celebrating the start of a new year with TWO very special Tail Waggers!

Gaffney (9 years) and Rooney (3 years) have been part of our pack for the past two years. After playing with their doggy friends during their visits, you can usually find these Weimaraner siblings kicking back and soaking up the sun.

When they aren’t at Wagging Tails, Gaffney and Rooney love rising promptly at 4am and spending time with their canine cousin Beatrice, a 6-month-old hound mix rescue. Their owners love the energy, curiosity, and loyalty they bring to the family, and how they always want to be a part of things.

But what’s the best part of having them in their lives? “They give back ten times the love you give them,” their family said. We completely agree!

Congratulations, Gaffney and Rooney!

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