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Tail Waggers of the Month

Meet Gracie and Sophie!

Gracie and Sophie are 10 and 7 years old and have been part of our pack for years!

Owners Craig and Chris told us their Golden Retriever and Golden Retriever/English Retriever mix absolutely adore apple fritters. They also love pheasant hunting and make a perfect team: Gracie has a fantastic nose for birds, and Sophie has the bounding energy to flush them out, even if she has to swim in a pond to retrieve it.

We also learned that when they were trained for pheasant hunting, the trainer said Gracie was the most stubborn dog he’d ever had. That made us laugh because she has the sweetest personality. She also seems to enjoy visiting with people more than playing with other dogs!

Sophie loves hunting more than pheasants – she chases squirrels and rabbits, too! And Craig and Chris say she’s obsessed with anything that reflects light, including watches, phones, and glass doors, but especially a laser pointer (kitty light). In fact, she’ll stand by the drawer storing the laser pointer until you take it out and play with her!

Congratulations, Gracie and Sophie!

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