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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Elsie & Dodger!

Elsie & Dodger

These two siblings may not share the same genes, but they certainly have the same big smiles!

Elsie and Dodger love making friends when they come to The Resort. For Elsie, that means getting extra attention and booty scratches from the humans. But Dodger loves causing trouble with his doggy friends and supervising the pups from the ramp in the playroom. And you better watch out when his best friend Griffin shows up because Dodger can hardly contain himself!

When they aren’t at WTPR, you can find Elsie and Dodger helping their owners, Suzanne and Bob, with tasks around the house. It starts with making the bed – or throwing the pillows off it in Dodger’s case! Dodger also likes to act as Bob’s office assistant, providing updates whenever FedEx, Amazon, and UPS are in the area.

Elsie likes to leave the office work to Dodger. Instead, when she’s not looking out the window, you can find her curled up next to her owner’s office chair for her afternoon nap. And, when she catches those Z’s, she does it like a human, except she uses a paw to block the light from her eyes.

What else sets these two apart? Their owners say Elsie’s expressive eyes and how her tail goes in a circle like a helicopter. They also told us that Elsie can be shy. But, once you win her trust, she’s a total snuggle bug. As for Dodger, he loves to lay his chin on their shoulder while lounging on the couch or sleep on their feet each night. The only problem is that he snores LOUD.

But what’s the best part of having these dogs in their lives? “Elsie is super loving and affectionate,” Susanne and Bob said. “And Dodger? Dodge is a big silly doofus that makes us laugh every day.”

Congratulations, Elsie and Dodger!

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