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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Logan & Libby!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we chose a canine couple for our February Tail Waggers – Logan and Libby!

Logan & Libby

This dynamic duo has been spreading the love at WTPR for two years now, literally! That’s right; little Libby has a boyfriend, and you can often find them smooching all day long. But all that lovin’ doesn’t stop this Catahoula Leopard/Plott Hound mix from getting physical with some rough and tumble play, too!

Libby may be a hound dog, but she doesn’t bark much. Instead, she saves her voice for snoring. She’s also very cuddly and refuses to sleep without her owners, Lauren and Leo. Unfortunately for Leo, though, that usually ends with Libby trying to push him out of bed!

Logan is true to his Australian Shepherd genes, but he loves the cold and snow so much, it’s easy to confuse him with a sled dog. He’s very smart and learns quickly, and he even knows the route to The Resort and barks the entire way up the street! During Logan’s Playday “doggy daycare” visits, you can usually find him wrestling, playing, and getting into yelling competitions with his pals.

At 4 and 5 years of age, Logan and Libby have very distinct personalities. Lauren and Leo offered the best summaries of each:

Logan: playful, willful, happy, silly, eager, loyal, and protective

Libby: quiet, sleepy, snuggly, patient, gassy, and a sweetheart

Lauren went on to say that she’s had Logan since he was a baby, so they’re very bonded, and he can sense when she’s not feeling her best. And we agree with her description of Libby, who she describes as the sweetest dog she’s ever met, and she’s never met anyone who doesn’t love her. So true!

But what’s the best part of having Logan and Libby in their lives? “They’re our babies, and they never fail to show us love or make us laugh,” Lauren and Leo said. “We’d never trade it for anything!”

Congratulations, Logan and Libby!

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