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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meeting Igor & Ivan!

Our May Tail Waggers have been coming to WTPR for all their lives! That’s around five years for Igor the Aussie mix and closer to three for his mini-Aussie sibling, Ivan. These two LOVE getting cuddles and playing with all their doggy friends during their visits, especially Maple the Greyhound. They say she’s super mellow, but she can sure run!

Igor & Ivan

Igor and Ivan’s owners, Pete and Nancy, told us they never intended to get Aussies. But each of the boys came from a rescue, and they’re thrilled to be Aussie Central now. They say both Igor and Ivan are Velcro dogs, but they have very distinct personalities. Where Igor is a happy boy bursting with energy, Ivan loves nothing more than cuddling with his mama and impressing people with his only trick, High Five. He also sneezes repeatedly when he gets excited, which confuses both dogs and people.

There’s no doubt that Igor is an Aussie through and through. He seems happiest when running in circles and busy herding anything he can, and he can’t resist a good challenge. You can see the wheels turning whenever he works through new tricks, puzzles, and concepts like agility. And, whenever Igor sees you, he gets so happy, he’ll give you a toy. But it makes him sad if you actually take it.

Igor may be true to his Aussie heritage, but Pete and Nancy think Ivan could be a cat trapped in a dog’s body – he’s very particular, doesn’t really play, and sleeps 18 hours a day when left to his own devices. That said, they say Ivan had a rough start to life, so he’s also still learning how to be a dog. They suspect he’ll always be Ivan the Terrified, but they’re proud of the progress he’s made so far.

But what’s the best part of having Igor and Ivan in their lives? “Doggy kisses, doggy cuddles, doggy love – times two!” Pete and Nancy said.

Congratulations, Igor and Ivan!


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