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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Lucky & Oliver!

Oliver & Lucky

Marinda and Dustin have been bringing Lucky and Oliver to Wagging Tails for as long as they’ve had them. For Shi Tzu/Lhasa mix Lucky, that adds up to around 12 years, while Mini Doxie Oliver is closer to seven. When they aren’t following each other around during their visits, you can find them chasing the other pups in the play areas.

At home, Lucky and Oliver get treated like family. Marinda and Dustin say “their boys” get excited whenever they come home and snuggle when you’re sick or sad. They also said that watching the boys play together brings a smile to their faces every single time.

These two boys may be small, but they’re big in personality. Marinda and Dustin describe Oliver as very high-maintenance and a real lover. He’ll also tell you if he feels neglected by giving you a side eye and staring hard. And, if he thinks he’s in trouble and you call his name, he’ll tiptoe over to you very, very slowly. But he’ll also ignore you. Fortunately, calling for Lucky – or feline sib Frank! – gets Oliver racing their way in a heartbeat!

While Oliver is the obnoxious little brother with a ton of energy, Lucky is calm, mellow, and loves everyone. That said, Marinda and Dustin say he’s like a little grumpy old man who will sit and stare at you in protest with eyes that seem to see deep into your soul. He also has a secret attitude that comes out on walks since Oliver joined the family – whenever Oliver acts “tough,” so does Lucky!

But what makes Lucky and Oliver extra special? “Everything about them is special!” Marinda and Dustin told us. “The way they show their love to us and each other. The way Lucky protects Oliver when other dogs come up to him. So many things about them are amazing.”

Congratulations, Lucky and Oliver!

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