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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Maggie & Winston!

Our April Tail Waggers are none other than English Lab sibs Maggie and Winston! They’ve both been coming to Wagging Tails for their entire lives.

As the youngster in the twosome, Maggie loves playing tug of war and wrestling, but she’s also perfectly content taking a toy and playing with it on her own. This 1-year-old also has an insatiable appetite, which includes eating sunglasses!

Despite all the lost sunglasses over the past year, Maggie’s family loves her loving, playful, and fun demeanor. “When she sees you and gets excited, she not only wages her tail,” they told us, “she wags her entire body.”

Maggie also couldn’t be more different than her big brother.

At four years old, Winston is all about playing with other dogs and socializing with the WTPR team during his visits. In fact, a sure way to get him excited is to ask him if he wants to see his “friends” when he arrives!

Winston’s family tells us that he’s very loyal but likes his personal space, so pets aren’t a high priority for him. However, he loves a good car ride – so much so, it’s sometimes impossible to get him out of the car afterward! Winston also hams it up after a good meal, rubbing his entire body on the ground and making weird sounds while moving his front legs. Could this be the doggy equivalent of complimenting the chef?

When asked what makes Winston extra special, his family told us it was his smile. “When he knows he is going to do something fun, he smiles first.”

One thing Maggie and Winston have in common is their happiness when the entire family is together.

Congratulations, Maggie and Winston!


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