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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Neo & Max!

Chocolate Labradors Neo and Max have been coming to WTPR since they were four months old. Now aged six and three, these canine sibs love starting the day with a hug from their two-year-old human sibling.

Neo & Max

During their visits to The Resort, you can often find Neo trying to get attention from the Play Coaches while Max loves romping with his friends and working his wiggles out.

When Neo and Max aren’t at play, you can find these cuddle bugs trying to get cozy on the couch with their owners, Vipul and Renuka.

“Even though they are both big dogs, they think they are small and always want to sleep in our laps whenever we sit on our couch,” they said.

They’re also very food-motivated – appearing out of thin air any time a banana gets peeled!

Neo and Max may share the same breed and love of food, but they have distinct personalities. Neo, for instance, loves being cuddled when he meets new people. Vipul and Renuka say he’s all about getting in your face and trying to sit in your lap.

Neo also loves water. One fall, he nearly dragged them into the lake during a pitstop on a day trip to Duluth!

Max, on the other hand, only cares about his older brother. He’s often wagging his tail and hovering for treats and pets, but he also loves to hide and get his butt scratched.

However, Max also showed a sneaky side at six months old when Vipul and Renuka discovered he could casually jump over the three-foot baby gate Neo used to stay behind! Fortunately, they captured Max in action with their camera, and it’s still one of their favorite funny incidents.

But what makes Neo and Max extra special?

“The bonding that they have with each other even though they are from different litters,” Vipul and Renuka said. “They do everything together from playing, eating, sleeping, etc.”

Congratulations, Neo and Max!


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