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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Willow & Charlie!

Our March Tail Waggers are two young sibs, Willow and Charlie!

Willow & Charlie

Now nearly two, big sister Willow the Aussiedoodle has been coming to Wagging Tails for 1-1/2 years. And 10-month-old Charlie the Goldendoodle has been joining her for the last six months!

During their visits, you can usually find Willow and Charlie running around and playing. Willow is the social butterfly of this loving duo, always wanting to play with all the other dogs. But Charlie only has eyes for his sister!

Either way, their owners, Brandon and Carrie, say Willow and Charlie come home totally tuckered out after a day of play at The Resort.

At home, Willow and Charlie love spending time with 15-year-old Maltipoo Mikko and human siblings (and best friends!) Marshall and Cece.

Charlie is happiest when he can spend most of his time sleeping and cuddling. Brandon and Carrie say he’s super chill, relaxed, and always ready for a nap. But he also loves unraveling rolls of toilet paper! That means no bathroom doors can be left open unless you want to find a fun surprise!

While Charlie is a bit of a lazy sleepyhead, Willow is wild, carefree, smart, and protective of her people.

Brandon and Carrie say she gets bored and does anything she can to get some attention if she has to go too many days without daycare. The toilet paper is safe with Willow, but anything on the counter is up for grabs! If she gets bored, watch out! She loves stealing items, hoping one of her people will chase her!

But what’s the best part of having dogs in your life?

“There is nothing better than love from dogs. They are the most excited to see all their humans each morning and give each of us a lot of love,” Brandon and Carrie said. “We love watching them wrestle and chase each other in the backyard, love throwing balls to them, and just spending time with them. A dog’s love is unconditional and the best kind of love there is!”

We agree!

Congratulations, Willow and Charlie!

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