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Tail Waggers of the Month

  • Heidi

Meet Lucy, Sadie, and Josh!

They say good things come in threes, and that’s certainly the case for our May Tail Waggers!

three dogs
Sadie, Josh, and Lucy

Siblings Lucy (12), Sadie (8), and Josh (5) have been part of our pack for between 5-10 years now, and their personalities are as unique as their backgrounds!

During their visits, you can often find Josh playing and rough housing with the other dogs. Sadie, on the other hand, loves sniffing all the new smells. Meanwhile, Lucy likes to chill on the sidelines, watching the other dogs from afar or perching on the play structures like a queen overseeing her kingdom.

Owners Jennie and Todd tell us that despite their differences, this threesome has learned how to peacefully coexist within their pack. They also do an excellent job watching out for each other and their people.

Jennie and Todd also love how they each add their own unique (and perfect!) spice to their family.

Lucy, The Cavapoo

Sadie, Lucy, and Josh

The smallest of the threesome but also the mightiest, this little lady is the fearless alpha of the pack.

Lucy is sassy, super smart, confident, and takes no crap – including attitude from Josh who’s five times bigger than her. When he tries to play rough with her, Lucy will rear up on her hind legs and give him a verbal smackdown like no other.

However, Lucy is also Sadie’s sidekick and snuggle partner. She also puts toys back in the storage bin when she tires of them before taking a new one to play with.

Sadie, The Supermutt Rescue from Alabama

Jennie and Todd describe Sadie as “the loveable mess” of the family who’s “anxious, needy, and oh-so-stubborn.”

Sadie also loves lying in the sun, sniffing on walks, and getting pets. However, a day rarely goes by when she’s not begging for her dinner or sitting on her family’s feet and refusing to move while they do dishes.

Josh, The Supermutt Rescue from Texas

Last but not least, the gentle “giant” of the group. This sweet boy may be bigger than the rest and look intimidating, but he’s actually timid and goofy. He’s also terrified of insects and anything else that could surprise him on his walks.

Sadie, Josh, and Lucy

Even though he hates surprises, Josh still loves his walks and being outside. Jennie and Todd say that if Josh encounters a large grassy area where he can be off leash, he channels his inner gymnast! He’s off in a flash doing a tumbling routine of his own, full of somersaults, spins, and flips.

When Josh isn’t performing his floor routine or walking, he loves napping, getting belly rubs, and barking at delivery people.

But what’s the best part about having Lucy, Sadie, and Josh as part of the family?

“The unwavering unconditional love. The laughter and joy that they bring us each day. The sense of community you have with other dog owners that you encounter on walks,” Jennie and Todd said. “Fulfilling their basic needs each day (walking them, feeding them, playing with them) helps to ground us and give us perspective when life feels out of control.”

Congratulations, Lucy, Sadie, and Josh!

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