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Tech to the Rescue!

  • Heidi

The Modern Dog

Whether you like it or not, technology is here to stay. And we couldn’t be happier because of all the ways it’s made things better for dogs! We’ve already written about how smartphones can do more than take pictures of your dogs and highlighted five of our favorite apps for dog lovers. But, there are even more ways technology can help keep our dogs safer, healthier, and happier.


Microchipping your dog is a valuable step in helping them find their way home again if they ever get lost. But, now, you can also add a built-in GPS collar that sends updates to your smartphone about your dog’s activity and whereabouts! With a wide range of GPS collars to choose from, it’s easy to keep track of your dog so they’ll never get lost again.


Wearable technology isn’t just for humans anymore. If you’re trying to keep track of your dog’s daily exercise or get insight into their general health and behavior, FitBark could be right for you. This wearable device tracks your dog’s sleep quality, daily activity, distance covered by running or walking, and the number of calories they burn.


No one likes leaving their dog at home alone. But now, you can check on them while you’re away with devices like the Petcube Camera! This camera is far more than a basic webcam. Not only does it sync to your smartphone, but it also lets you talk to your dog and play fetch with them with a built-in laser pointer!

Smart Toys

Looking for ways to banish boredom or reduce anxiety in your dog? Smart toys like the CleverPet Hub and PupPod provide interactive, high-tech puzzle games that stream to your phone! These exciting toys can keep dogs of all ages and abilities challenged while they learn.

Has technology changed your relationship with your dog? Tell us in the comments below!

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