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Bringing a New Dog Home

Tips to Help Ease the Transition

Introducing a new dog to your family can be filled with ups and downs, but there are ways to make the transition easier. Whether you’re bringing a puppy home or an adult dog wise beyond their years, these simple steps will have your new pack in sync in no time.

dog at homeKeep Things Low-key

Even gregarious dogs can become overwhelmed in new environments. For the first few days that your dog is home, keep things calm and quiet with visitors to a minimum. Make sure your dog has a quiet place to retreat if they need to while they become accustomed to their new surroundings.

Create a Safe Space

Set up an area for your dog near the family with easy to clean floors where they can be safely left alone. Remove any items that could be chewed or soiled, and let your dog explore. If you’ve brought a new puppy home, don’t forget to puppy-proof the area to remove enticing hazards like power cords, remote controls, and cell phones.

Stock up on Supplies

Make sure you’ve got the basics ready like food and water bowls, a comfy doggie bed, a crate, dog treats, and plenty of fun toys and chews so they feel right at home immediately. And, while your dog is settling in, be sure to feed them the same food they’ve been eating to avoid tummy upset. It can also be helpful to have stain cleaners on-hand to clean up any accidents.

Create a Routine

Dogs find routine comforting, so start one as soon as possible. If possible, stay home for a few days to settle in your new friend. This can help provide structure for adult dogs, reduces accidents, and helps the begin housetraining process for puppies. If you can’t be home with your new dog, consider doggy daycare “Playday” sessions to give them plenty of socialization and exercise or other types of stimulating interactions.

Obedience Training

Not only does obedience training help improve your inter-species communication and teach good doggy citizenship, it’s a valuable opportunity for dogs to have safe socialization opportunities with other dogs. Start at home with the basic commands like sit and stay. You can also sign up at WTPR for a variety of classes tailored to you and your new dog’s needs.

Don’t forget to keep your new dog safe and protected by getting them licensed and having a health-check with a vet. These steps will create a solid foundation that will last you and your new dog a lifetime.

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