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Do dogs ever fight at Wagging Tails Pet Resort?

  • Matt Shimon

No matter how much a dog loves playing with other dogs, sometimes dogs just don’t get along. That’s why we take our role supervising dog interactions at WTPR very seriously.

Instead of reacting to conflicts between dogs, we focus on preventing them before they arise. To do this, we require a Temperament Assessment and Evaluation for each of our guests before their first visit. These assessments help us place dogs in the playgroup best-suited for their play style and temperament. We also don’t accept any dogs with anti-social or aggressive tendencies or dogs who actively jump fences in our play areas.

Our Play Coaches also undergo specialized training so they can work with dogs safely and responsibly. An important part of this program involves reading canine body language and behavior. With these tools, our Play Coaches can identify issues in the playrooms and safely correct them before they escalate. Play Coaches also enforce basic obedience commands to maintain control of the pack, and we don’t allow toys, treats, or food in communal areas because they can trigger a dog’s natural guarding instincts. In the rare event that something does happen, we contact the owners immediately.

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Matt Shimon

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