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Part Two: Being Part of a Pack

  • Heidi

The Importance of Supervision

As cute as it can be to watch dogs play together, they don’t always know their own boundaries. And, similar to humans, not all dogs get along!

wagging tails pet resort staffer hugs a black labUnlike visits to the dog park where owners are responsible for supervising doggy play sessions themselves, our Play Coaches are trained to recognize dog behavior and body language so they can watch for problems – and correct them – before they arise. Our Play Coaches also enforce strict rules in our playrooms to ensure everyone remains on their best behavior while playing.

Wagging Tails Pet Resort playroom rules include:

  • No toys, food, or treats. Many dogs have tendencies to guard these items, so they are not allowed in communal areas.
  • Basic obedience is reinforced. Commands like “sit,” “down,” and “no bark” are used regularly during playtime sessions to maintain the Play Coach’s authority in the pack.
  • Temperaments are matched. Dogs are constantly moved during each visit to ensure they are grouped with playmates that have similar temperaments and play styles.

Providing the highest quality care is important to us at Wagging Tails. Play Coaches and all new hires must undergo a training program that covers the following:

  • Dog behavior and body language
  • Hands on training with another Play Coach in each playroom
  • Basic dog health including temperature and healthy gums
  • Common illnesses, diseases, and symptoms such as bloat, kennel cough, bladder infection, ear infections, and worms
  • Proper cleaning procedures and the importance of thorough cleaning with the correct sanitizers

We also have a relationship with Argosy University which allows us to hire Vet Tech students while offering them a discount on their tuition. Our goal is to have at least one person on staff who is either in school to be a Vet Tech or has completed the program and is a certified Vet Tech. And, if one of our staff members believes a dog in our care is unwell, it is our policy to seek medical attention immediately.

Learn more about our supervised “Playday” doggy daycare sessions by visiting our website or schedule a visit today!

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