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Part One: Being Part of a Pack

  • Heidi

The Benefits of Playgroups for Dogs

Playtime is important for a dog’s health. Not only is play a great way to exercise her body and mind, it also reduces boredom, frustration, and problem behavior.

When it comes to play, each dog’s unique personality should be taken into consideration. Some animals love lively games of fetch or a trip to the dog park while others might prefer nose work or playing quietly with their favorite toy. A rambunctious puppy’s need for playtime is also drastically different from a sleepy senior’s, but, similar to humans, all animals can benefit from a little fun in their lives.

Wagging Tails Staff with dogs
Image courtesy of Jaime Stickler

One area of dog play with proven benefits is doggy daycare. Supervised playgroups provide dogs with a special opportunity: the chance to play like dogs with other dogs. Experts understand that providing dogs with safe environments where they can play with their own species can help them burn off excess energy, improve socialization, reduce aggressive behavior, create mental stimulation, and increase their overall calm. Doggy daycare can also provide a distraction during days when owners are away from home or shake-up an otherwise monotonous routine.

At Wagging Tails, our guests’ happiness and safety is our top priority. Each member of our pack is carefully screened at a Temperament Assessment & Evaluation visit before their first “Playday” doggy daycare session. This evaluation helps determine which playgroup best suits the dog’s personality and ensures a positive first play encounter. All of our Playday sessions are supervised by Play Coaches who not only provide belly rubs, head scratches, and cleanup duty, but are trained to keep playtime fun and safe for all of the dogs involved. And, with 20,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space at each of our locations, there is plenty of room for dogs to play – in the summer we even bring out kiddie pools for water lovers!

To keep dogs as healthy as possible, vaccinations are required for all of the members of our pack. We have an extensive cleaning protocol in place, and playrooms are disinfected daily, along with toys and water bowls. Our employees are also trained to recognize symptoms of illness in dogs. Find out more about why Happy Dogs Play (and Stay!) Here, contact us today!

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