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Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Heidi

10 Reasons We’re Thankful for Dogs

At Wagging Tails, we consider ourselves luckier than most dog owners because instead of just having one, two or maybe three dogs in our lives, we have a playroom full all the time! This year in honor in Thanksgiving, we wanted to spend a few moments thinking about why we’re thankful for dogs.

Here are our top 10 reasons that we’re thankful for dogs:

  1. They always make us smile. Dogs have a knack at turning a frown upside down.
  2. They keep us active. Even though we’d like to stay in bed in January, Fido still needs his walk!
  3. They offer companionship. They don’t call dogs “man’s best friend” for no reason. Their devotion is one of a kind.
  4. They are always happy to see us. No matter how long we’ve been gone or what we’ve done, they always seem thrilled to see us again.
  5. They help us relax. Curling up with a dog at the end of a long day is the perfect medicine.
  6. They teach us not to sweat the small stuff. Ever watched a happy dog? Everything seems to bring them joy. Walks, time at the dog park, new smells in the yard – we can learn a lot from them.
  7. They take care of us. You don’t need a guard dog to feel safer with a pup in the house. Their natural devotion keeps them on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary.
  8. They keep us social. How many people have you met because you have a dog in your life? Dogs get us out of the house and help us connect with others.
  9. They teach patience. Dogs are naturally loyal and devoted to humans, sometimes we have to remind ourselves of that when their behavior is less than ideal.
  10. They offer unconditional love. Our dogs love us no matter what, no questions asked.


Thank you for trusting us to care for your dogs, they make our lives brighter.

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