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Tail Wagger of the Month: Mikko!

  • Heidi

Meet the Siberian Husky

Tail Wagger November - Mikko

Our Tail Wagger for the month of November could not be better suited to Minnesota winters! Meet Mikko the Siberian Husky who enjoys weekly Playdays at Wagging Tails!

Siberian Huskies come from the cold climates of Siberia where they were originally bred as sled dogs. Their unique coats are made up of long, coarse topcoats that protect dense, insulating cashmere-like undercoats – the perfect insulation against the cold! These coats are thicker than most dog breeds and require regular brushing.

Known for their amazing endurance and willingness to work, these beautiful animals love to have a job. Whether it’s sledding or therapy work, it is important to keep them challenged because their intelligence and independence will get them into trouble if they get bored. These smart dogs are well-known escape artists and considered a challenging breed for first-time dog owners; they need structure along with plenty of mental and physical exercise.

True to his breed, Mikko loves spending time with his four-legged friends at Wagging Tails. This happy boy is a natural entertainer, spending his Playday visits talking and singing to humans and dogs alike.

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