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Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Heidi

For the Love of Dog

Valentine’s Day always gets us thinking about those we love most. In our house, that means our dogs!

From their wagging tails to their wet noses, there is nothing that compares to the unconditional love of a dog. This year in honor of this decadent day devoted to love, we decided to spend some time thinking about what we love most about dogs.

puppy love graphicLoyalty. Have you ever had a friend in your life that is more loyal than your dog? We doubt it!

Optimism. Dogs are so resilient and happy, they always seem to see the brighter side in life.

Vitality. We love how they are always excited about everything. Walk? Ride in the car? Sitting with us on the couch? Yes, please!

Empathy. How is it that dogs always know exactly how we feel? This uncanny skill makes them the perfect companion.

What do you love about dogs? Tell us in the comments below!

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