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Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter

Cold Weather Care

dog wearing boots in snowTemperatures have taken a nosedive in recent weeks, that means special care and attention should be provided to dogs. Even if your dog does not live outdoors, it is important to pay attention to them in extreme temperatures. Cindy Johnson of the Animal Humane Society offers a simple rule of thumb, “If it is too cold to send your children outside to play, it’s too cold for your pets.”

Minnesota state law requires that animals have shelter from the elements. When weather is severe, limit your dog’s outdoor activity to bathroom breaks. Be sure to watch their paws closely to protect them from sidewalk salt, chemicals and ice. And when outdoor activity is reduced, drop your dog off for a Playday or play games indoors to keep them mentally exercised at home!

If you have an outdoor dog, make sure that he has access to shelter, receives more food than normal and has fresh water that is not at risk of freezing.

For more tips on cold weather care, visit the Animal Humane Society.

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