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Caring for Your Best Friend

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy It’s hard to know when your dog is feeling their best, but there are easy ways to keep them happy and healthy. This checklist will help you take the right steps to keep your…

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Are You Ready to Hit the Dog Park?

Dog Park 101 In the Twin Cities, we’re lucky to have access to several fantastic dog parks. But are they a good fit for you and your pup? Dog parks come with a lot of pros including mental and physical…

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Tick Prevention

Six Popular Preventative Treatments Here in Minnesota, nothing puts a damper on springtime like ticks. While we can’t eliminate ticks altogether, it is important to reduce a dog’s exposure because of tick-related diseases. Potentially dangerous medical conditions can arise from…

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Happy National Pet Month!

5 Ways to Celebrate Pets May is National Pet Month, a time to reflect on the joy and happiness our pets bring to our lives. While pet owners know the benefit of having four-legged companions firsthand, it’s easy to take…

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Feeling the Love

Taking Care of Our Favorite Valentines We have a soft spot in our hearts for Valentine’s Day, but what’s not to love? There’s chocolates, flowers, candy, and delicious dinners to eat. But what does that have to do with dogs?…

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in Winter

Cold Weather Care Temperatures have taken a nosedive in recent weeks, that means special care and attention should be provided to dogs. Even if your dog does not live outdoors, it is important to pay attention to them in extreme…

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The Benefits of Grooming

Grooming your dog regularly is one of the most important things you can do for him. Not only does it keep his skin and coat healthy, it provides early detection for illness. Professional groomers have the right skills, tools and…

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