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Meet Frankie!

  • Heidi

August Tail Wagger of the Month

Wagging Tails Tail Wagger August 2015 - FrankieWhen Frankie first came to Wagging Tails two years ago, the little Havanese puppy stole our hearts. Even at that young age, she was up for anything! Owner Bonita tells us that when they first met the litter, Frankie insisted on climbing up her chest in order to walk on the back of the sofa; just weeks old and there was no stopping her!

Frankie is a fun loving girl who is completely devoted to her humans, Bonita and Larry – and they are completely devoted in return. They love watching her play at Wagging Tails on the webcams and she loves being the center of attention too! A skilled performer, she can sit, laydown, rollover, “Bang!,” walk on her hind legs, play Peak-a-Boo and Crazy Eight, Shake, and Speak – and when the performance is over? She can even take a bow.

She’s sweet, smart, affectionate and talks in her sleep, but Bonita tells us the best part of having her in their home is being able to smother her with kisses.

Congratulations, Frankie!

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