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Summer Fun for Dogs!

  • Heidi

5 Dog-Friendly Activities to Make the Most of Summer

It may be August, but summer is far from over; make the most of the sunshine by getting outdoors with your dog! We love traditional ways of getting fresh air and exercise like Frisbee in the park, walks around the lake and playing fetch in the backyard, but everyone loves something new. Plus, trying new things is a great way to keep your brain sharp, and that’s true for your dog too! Providing your dog with new activities enriches their life and increases their happiness. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at some of our favorite things to do with dogs during summer and give something new a try!

  1. dog playing with bubblesHit the Pool! Your dog doesn’t have to be a swimmer to enjoy a dip on a hot day! Small kiddie pools make inexpensive additions to your backyard – or stop in at Wagging Tails for Pool Days! While you’re at it, why not join Fido for that cool down?
  2. Blow Bubbles! Lots of dogs go nuts for bubbles, especially with bubble mix made with peanut butter or bacon! Dog safe bubbles can be found at pet stores, grab some catnip bubbles for Kitty while you’re there too!
  3. Hot Date? Bring your dog! Sidewalk Dog has a great list of dog-friendly patios around the city so she can enjoy an evening out too. Extend your dog’s enjoyment by bringing some treats or their favorite chew toy along.
  4. Make Dogsicles! Try one (or all!) of these recipes to help your dog cool off on a hot day! For active dogs, make a big ice lick filled with veggies and toys to keep your pup busy for hours. Take things to the next level and invite your dog’s favorite playmates to join in the fun!
  5. Take a Road Trip! You don’t need an entire weekend for a getaway, pack up your pup and hit the road for an afternoon! Bring some snacks, plenty of fresh water, roll down the windows and see where the road takes you. Remember that dogs should not be left in a hot car during summer.
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